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The Fallen Sword Online Item Stats Calculator

UPDATED 26 November, 2008. All game items to level 510. More updates soon. Please check out the new (and much improved) website at for all the latest, including a virtual backpack so you only have to edit crafted and hellforged items once, and advanced search and sort of the items in the database etc...

The table and frames do not seem to look right when using Internet Explorer. I'm sure most Fallen Sword players use FireFox because of the plug-in made by Tharnakus, so I designed this website to work best with the FireFox browser. Web Hosting

Stats Calculator

Hell Forge Calculator

Buffs Calculator

Stamina Calculator

Find the best item for your level

Check out the newer site at

Other usefull game related sites: Fallen Sword Guide, and Mowglik's References

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